As Seen on Shark Tank - The Cut Buddy - Beard and Haircut Shaping Guide + Barber Line-Up Pencil - Patented Multiple Curve Stencil Template Tool

The Cut Buddy


The MUST-HAVE Beard and Haircut Grooming Guide for Professional-Quality Looks! 

The Cut Buddy is FOR YOU if you are:

  • Someone who styles or wants to easily style their own beard or haircut.
  • Someone who gives haircuts or beard trims to a loved one, family, or friends.
  • Someone who doesn’t have the time or money to visit their barber as often as they would like.


We're thrilled that The Cut Buddy has made MORE THAN 70,000 PEOPLE IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS feel happier about their looks and grooming on a daily basis!

Our customers range from stylish men (and the significant others who want to get them or keep them stylish), beard enthusiasts, single mothers who cut their children's hair, military veterans and active service members, beginner barbers and salon stylists, the disabled, to college and high school students trying to save some money!

Whoever you are, you are welcome here and The Cut Buddy is sure to help you with your grooming goals!  We're sure of it!

How can we be so sure?  Because The Cut Buddy is the ONLY multi-curve beard and haircut template on the market!  Our curves are EXPERTLY-DESIGNED by a NASA/Air Force-consulting engineer to fit ALL HEAD SIZES AND HAIRLINE SHAPES!  No other template on the market is built for you and the people you care about like The Cut Buddy is!


So ask yourself... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Look great, feel great. Feel great, DO GREAT!

Give yourself a HUGE BOOST to your daily confidence with The Cut Buddy!