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Packing for a weekend road trip?

Heading out on a weekend road trip?  Be sure to pack cool, soft, comfortable boxers!  You'll make the most of your trip and stay on top of your game if you are comfortable where it counts the most.  Whether it's a golf trip with the fellas or a romantic getaway with your wife, staying cool, calm and relaxed is essential.  Be cool and have a great trip!

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Three Reasons Men Love Boxers. Is it time to upgrade your undies?

  It’s an often debated topic…Boxers vs briefs. I’ll admit there are pros and cons to each, but at Chill Boys, we lean boxers (pun intended) and here’s why:Top 3 Reasons Comfort - Remember the feeling you get riding a motorcycle without a helmet? You know, wind in your hair, totally free with a hint of badass rebel….Yep, all that without the risk of major head trauma. Style - Premium boxers can say a lot about a guy. Beyond just flat-out looking good, it says your mom doesn’t buy your multi-pack tighty whities anymore. It can also say you are a laid back, chilled out dude, comfortable with who you are and confident in what you’ll accomplish…That’s powerful! Function -...

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Episode 9 of The Brad Miller Time Podcast

As bigtime hockey fans, the Chill Boys team is excited to be sponsoring the new Brad Miller Time Podcast.  As a current professional hockey player in Europe, Brad offers great insights on all levels of the sport.  Brad also takes you inside the locker room for entertaining interviews with current and former players from leagues around the world. Sit back, chill (of course) and enjoy episode 9 with updates and insights ranging from the 2018 World Juniors Tournament, the Olympics to the latest in the NHL.…/the-brad-miller-ti…/id1310608796…

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