8 Things You'll Need If You're Stranded on a Desert Island

8 Things You'll Need If You're Stranded on a Desert Island

There are about a million books, movies and TV shows where the characters find themselves stranded on an uncharted in the middle of the sea, thousands of miles from any semblance of civilization. And there probably isn't a single man who hasn't fantasized about himself in this scenario at least once. Come on, it's okay to admit you have!

Surviving on a desert island makes for good fiction but, in reality, it likely wouldn't be too fun. A whole ton of things could kill you and, beyond the danger, it would probably be pretty boring. But to help you plan for the day that (probably) won't come where you find yourself all alone on a small island, here are some things you'll want to have with you.


A Survivalist's Desert Island Checklist

  1. Briefs & Trunks - You might see living on a desert island as a prime opportunity to run around buck naked. We wouldn't judge you, but keep in mind that there are lots of fish that would love to nibble on your gonads, not to mention constant exposure to the elements won't do your manhood any favors. Wearing cool, chafe-resistant boxer briefs will keep your nuts protected on land. When you venture into the sea, swap to a pair of light, fast-drying trunks.
  2. Fishing Gear - Unless you're lucky enough to find yourself on an island that's big enough to support wildlife, you're gonna have to become a pescatarian. Hopefully, you're good at fishing! So you don't have to rough it with a stick and some string - or try your hand at spearfishing - you should bring a good rod with lots of lines, hooks and tackle to keep yourself well-fed.
  3. Flares - Whether you got stranded on a desert island or you just needed some time away from it all, sooner or later, you're gonna miss home. With any luck, ships or planes will pass you by at some point. When this happens, you'll want to have flares ready to call for a rescue.
  4. Sunscreen & Bug Spray - Even beyond the threats of skin cancer and malaria, sunburns and bug bites can transform your life on a desert island from a fun escape from reality into a living hell. Make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and bug spray to keep both at bay.
  5. Tee & Hoodie - You might like to go bare chested most of the time, but there will be days where the sun is too intense or you find yourself trekking through thick foliage in search of sustenance. On those days, you'll want a cool and comfy t-shirt to keep the elements at bay. In case it starts getting colder at night, you should also pack a nice hoodie to stay warm.
  6. Tent - Sleeping on the beach may sound fun but after a few nights of relentless mosquito attacks, you're likely to develop insomnia even if you aren't too itchy to sleep. Bringing along a good, sturdy tent that keeps out both bugs and the elements will allow you to get the nightly rest and relaxation you need to survive and thrive in the middle of nowhere.
  7. Water Filter - There's a sad irony to the fact that people stranded at sea often die of dehydration when they're literally surrounded by water. If your desert island is completely devoid of fresh water, you'd better hope for a quick rescue. If you're lucky enough to have an oasis, pack a water filter so that you can remove dangerous chemicals and bacteria from your drinking water.
  8. Weapons - In case you have the opportunity to hunt on your little island (or you need to defend yourself against terrors presently unknown to man) you're going to want some weapons. Guns will run out of ammo before long; you're better off with a good hunting knife, a machete to hack through tropical foliage and maybe some spears.

Survive Alone on an Island With Chill Boys

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