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What's the best boxer choice for a man on the go?

As a man on the go in our busy world today, there are plenty of activities that you jump into on a weekly basis. With so many activities to choose from, It’s hard to slow down to think about the right men’s underwear, yet your base layer is the foundation of comfort and enjoyment. That’s why it’s so important to have the right men’s underwear for your versatility and enjoyment. Sometimes, boxer briefs aren’t the right option for the evening; other times, loose-fitted boxers might slow you down.


What are the best boxer choices for staying cool, calm and comfortable while keeping us with your pals or significant other? Let’s look at 5 common pastimes men love below.


Guys Activity #1: Fishing

Grey Men's boxers with fishing gear

Fishing is one of those activities that is usually tranquil enough for you to have a men’s underwear choice. You don’t necessarily have to choose the boxer brief in this case. If you are going to have full fishing gear on your body, you can pick your favorite underwear selection, going with a breathable bamboo or micro-mesh technical fabric option that provides plenty of airflow to the fellas while you sit back and take in those river views.


Guys Activity #2: Wearing a Suit

Now is when you want to look your very best, exude confidence and charm. Your underwear choice here will depend on the style of suit you prefer. 


A classic fit suit is recognizable by its generous cut through the chest and waist, leaving the wearer with plenty of room for flexibility and comfort. With a classic fit suit, you will feel most comfortable with relaxed fit /loose fitting boxers.


Slim fit suits are also referred to as athletic or European cuts. These suits are fitted much closer to the body and don’t utilize any extra fabric. With a slim fit suit, your best underwear option will be boxer briefs


A modern fit suit is right in-between a classic and slim fit. While it’s not cut quite as close to the body as a slim fit, it’s a tighter fit than a classic. The pants in a modern fit suit are straight legged, but with more fabric than a slim fit pant. With this suit style, you really have the option for relaxed fit men’s boxers or athletic fit boxer briefs.  

Guys Activity #3: Going On a Date

In this scenario, it depends on what kind of date you are on. If you are strolling around in casual clothing, getting some ice cream, then go for the relaxed fit performance boxers! Enjoy yourself and be comfortable. 

However, if you are meeting your date at a fancy dinner place with a sharp European style suit (see above), go the extra mile with some boxer briefs that keep you looking svelte. If you want a second date, show up to the first date like you mean it.

Guys Activity #4: Watching a Game With Your Buddies in the Man Cave

It’s time to break out those breathable loose fitting boxers, sit back with a beer in hand and let the boys run free. Let your emotions go where the game takes you and don't worry about snug-fitting underwear keeping you in your seat. It’s a perfect time let loose, connect with your pals and say things you might regret on Monday morning.

Guys Activity #5: Playing Basketball, Softball, Biking or Golfing

When it’s time to get in the game, boxer briefs are the only option. You need to ensure your package is secure and ready for all sudden movements. Therefore, embrace the snug fit of boxer briefs, just be sure they are breathable with plenty of stretch so nothing holds you back.

Chill Boys

We’ve ergonomically designed both men’s boxers and men’s boxer briefs that reflect the best, breathable, soft, technical fabrics available today. Made with performance in mind, we know your underwear are the foundation for a comfortable, confident and successful day. When you are at your best, you are having fun and making the world a better place…We’d love to help!

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