Choosing the Best Men's Clothing for Fall Hikes

Choosing the Best Men's Clothing for Fall Hikes

Fall is a favorite season for lots of guys. Some of us look forward to the spooky revels of Halloween, some crave pumpkin spice and apple cider, and a lot of us love the beautiful autumn colors that come to forests across the U.S. Fall hiking is a great way to kill an uneventful weekend, giving you a chance to get out in nature and enjoy the scenery before the air turns too cold and the snow starts to fall.

Whether you like to go on fall hikes by yourself or with your family, it's important to wear the right clothing to stay warm and toasty as you "ooh and ah" at the red and gold leaves. Before you set out on your next hike this autumn, check out this quick list of the men's clothes you should layer up in.

What to Wear on a Fall Hike
  • Boxers or Long Johns - The first big choice you're gonna need to make before heading off on your fall hike is, "how am I gonna keep my nuts warm?" There are two factors you need to consider to answer that question for yourself: the temperature and the length of the hike. If it's not too cold yet and it's a long hike that'll make you sweat, you're better off sticking with some comfy boxers. But if the cold weather has come early, it might be smarter to protect your package and keep your legs warm with a nice pair of long johns.

  • Jeans or Sweats - After you've selected the right underwear for your fall hike, it's time to pick pants. You're adventuring through the woods, not interviewing for a job, so stick to what's comfy: jeans or sweats. Both will protect your legs from a crisp fall breeze and neither will squeeze your nuts into a paste by the time your hike is over. Really, this one's a matter of preference; just skip the dress pants.

  • T-Shirt or Long Sleeves - Once you've gotten your below-the-belt situation figured out, it's time to think about what's going up top. Unless it's an unusually warm fall day, you're probably going to be wearing two layers. For the first layer, a nice, cool t-shirt might be the best way to go. That way, if you start heating up too much during your autumn hike, you can roll up your sleeves or strip off your outer layer. But if it's really just not that cold yet, you might skip the second layer and go with a comfy long-sleeved shirt.

  • Hoodie - Hopefully, it's not so cold out that you need a jacket just yet. For the average autumn day, a pullover hoodie is the way to go for your second layer. A good hoodie will keep you warm as you clamber over rocks and trudge through crunchy fallen leaves. If the wind gets a bit too nippy for your comfort, you can pull the hood up to keep it at bay. And if the opposite happens, you can strip it off easily enough and sling it over your shoulder or tie it around your waist; whatever you think looks less dorky.

  • Hiking Socks & Boots - Last but not least, you need to decide what you're putting on your feet; after all, they'll be doing most of the hard work on your fall hike. A good, rugged pair of hiking boots are a must in case you encounter the kind of rough terrain that sneakers aren't built for. But to keep your feet from getting all sweaty and blistery, you'll need to wear a moisture wicking pair of hiking socks. Long or short, that's up to you, just as long as they can handle the hike.

Let Chill Boys Outfit You for Your Next Fall Hike

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