Men's Boxers, Snacks, Ammo: Everything to Bring on a Deer Hunting Trip

Men's Boxers, Snacks, Ammo: Everything to Bring on a Deer Hunting Trip

Nothing brings out the primal side of a man quite like hunting. When you're deep out in the woods, weapon in hand, hellbent on taking down the biggest buck and cooking up some delicious venison, you might just think you've slipped back in time and found yourself in the body of an ancient ancestor… except that guy probably didn't have comfy clothes. Or a rifle. Or a tree stand.

Hunting gives guys a chance to get out in the woods with their buddies for some fun bonding adventures. Of course, some men prefer the peace and quiet of hunting deer alone. Whichever camp you fall into, here's one important tip for your hunting trip: don't underpack! Whether you're hunting from a stand or tracking your game, there are quite a few things you'll want to bring along. Don't worry; we've made you a list!


10 Things to Bring When You're Out Hunting

  1. Binoculars - Deers' eyes are developed to scan at a long-distance for predators but you can even the odds by equipping a good pair of binoculars. Using binoculars will allow you to locate your targets without getting close enough to spook them, and to line up the killing shot.
  2. Boots & Socks - Wearing a sturdy pair of boots is especially vital if you're the "deerstalker" type of hunter, but those who prefer waiting in a blind may also need to make a long walk through the woods. To keep your feet from getting all blistery as you march through the forest, make sure to invest in comfortable hiking socks as well. In fact, make sure to bring a few extra pairs…
  3. Comfy Hoodie - While the exact deer hunting season varies from state to state, it tends to happen in late fall when the air is nice and cold. To keep yourself warm as you await your chance to score a big buck, bundle up in a nice cozy hoodie.
  4. Flashlight or Headlamp - Walking through the wilderness with a gun in your hands can be pretty dangerous if it's night and you can't see a damn thing. To light your way, be sure to pack a good flashlight or maybe a headlamp, which has the advantage of allowing you to use both hands.
  5. Game Bags - Once you do manage to take down a deer, you'll need somewhere to store the meat to keep it preserved and protected until you can get it in the fridge. That's where game bags come in! Be sure to bring plenty on your hunting trip.
  6. Hand & Foot Warmers - Even with the proper clothing, you can get really cold on a hunt if the wind kicks up or the temperature unexpectedly drops. To prevent frostbite in your hands and feet, it would be wise to pack some warmers that you can pull out if you feel your digits going numb.
  7. Hunting Knife - Cutting foliage. Opening food containers. Skinning a fresh kill. Defending yourself in the unlikely event of a wolf attack. There are a lot of good uses for a hunting knife, so never go out without one!
  8. Long Johns - Hunting can be a miserably cold experience if you don't dress properly. Unless you want your nuts to turn into ice cubes while you're huddling in your deer stand, wear a comfortable pair of long johns to keep yourself toasty below the belt. Going out for a couple of days? Bring an extra pair.
  9. Snacks & Water - You might go out into the forest with grand ambitions of eating fresh venison from the first buck you bag. It's great to be optimistic, but in the meantime you should pack lots of good hearty snacks to munch on in the blind, like beef jerky and trail mix. Bring lots of drinking water, too; not just beer!
  10. Spare Ammo - Well, obviously you're going to need to bring your favorite deer hunting rifle. But it's also important to pack plenty of ammo. Even if you're conservative with your shots, you never know what you're going to find out in the wilderness. Always good to have spare ammo in case the granddaddy of all bucks turns up right when you're about to head home.

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