The Best Surf Spots on the West Coast

The Best Surf Spots on the West Coast

Surf's up! If you're looking for a fun summer activity that provides both a workout and some much-needed refreshment, and lets you enjoy nature, you really can't beat surfing. If you're a surfer residing here in the USA, you're lucky, because the West Coast is one of the best places to surf in the whole world.

If you live in California, you probably already have a list of your favorite beaches to catch some good waves. If you don't, you'd probably rather stick to the best of the lot on your big surfing trip. So pack your board and your best trunks, and keep reading to learn about a few of the most awesome surf beaches on the West Coast!

Top 3 Surf Spots in California 

  1. Malibu - Located about 45 minutes west of Los Angeles, Malibu is home to some of the most famous surfing beaches in the world and is considered the global hub of surf culture. Surfrider Beach is the most iconic beach in Malibu and a must-visit for any surfing enthusiast; just be prepared to deal with crowds of like-minded wave-seekers. Topanga Beach is another great surf spot in Malibu that caters to surfers of all abilities. If you're trying to avoid the crowds, Zuma Beach is an excellent alternative which is loved by locals. If you're a surfing novice who's new to the sport, don't sweat it; County Line, so-named because it's found at the edge of Malibu, is an amazing beach for beginners.
  2. Huntington Beach - Lying to the south of Los Angeles, Huntington Beach is legendary among surfers for its epic wave breaks. These big breaks occur to both the north and the south of the iconic Huntington Beach Pier, and can provide avid surfers with the ride of a lifetime. If you're feeling especially bold, you can even play thread-the-needle by riding between the wooden pillars of the pier! Huntington Beach is also a famous site in surfing history, having been favored by surfing legends like Duke Kahanamoku and George Freeth. While Huntington Beach tends to be dominated by surfing competitions during summer, big waves continue to rock the beach throughout winter, making this an ideal spot for a sunny winter vacation - just have your long johns handy for when you retire from the chilly water!
  3. Santa Cruz - If you want to avoid the crowds of swimmers and surfers in the L.A. metro, head up north to Santa Cruz, found on the coast about an hour south of San Jose. Surfing pros will quickly fall in love with Steamer Lane, a world-class surfing beach with three separate breaks. Pleasure Point is another epic surf spot, boasting multiple wave breaking points to guarantee a gnarly ride - be careful not to lose your trunks in the tide! If you don't think you're ready to ride the biggest waves, bring your board over to Cowell's Beach, which provides a much more accessible surf spot for novice surfers. Santa Cruz is also home to some cool bars, restaurants and nightclubs, so pack a pair of breathable performance boxers and a nice, fresh tee to follow your beach day up with a night out on the town.

Brave the Waves With Chill Boys

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