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It’s an often debated topic…Boxers vs briefs. I’ll admit there are pros and cons to each, but at Chill Boys, we lean boxers (pun intended) and here’s why:

Top 3 Reasons

  1. Comfort - Remember the feeling you get riding a motorcycle without a helmet? You know, wind in your hair, totally free with a hint of badass rebel….Yep, all that without the risk of major head trauma.
  2. Style - Premium boxers can say a lot about a guy. Beyond just flat-out looking good, it says your mom doesn’t buy your multi-pack tighty whities anymore. It can also say you are a laid back, chilled out dude, comfortable with who you are and confident in what you’ll accomplish…That’s powerful!
  3. Function - Who doesn’t like their goods to stay cool, comfortable a dry? Premium boxers are like taking your boys for a day at the spa. Just make sure your boxers are silky smooth, wick away moisture and move with your body so seamlessly you might think you're going commando.

So do your boys a favor and treat them to a pair of premium boxers…You’re already here so it might as well be Chill Boys:)


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November 18, 2018

Boxers vs briefs is often a point of discussion. Thanks for this blog and trying to solve this problem.

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