Why Bamboo Underwear You Ask?

Why Bamboo Underwear You Ask?

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You might not think of bamboo as a luxury fabric since its known more for being used in kitchen items, decorations or building products. So why make luxury boxer shorts from bamboo? Well, in our constant quest to design incredibly comfortable clothing, we were amazed to discover everything bamboo fabric has to offer!

Super Soft

As the saying goes “you are what you eat”, which explains why Pandas are so dang soft! We’re not saying you have to eat bamboo though…Just slip on a new pair of Chill Boys Bamboo Boxers. The first thing you’ll notice when you feel a pair of Chill Boys Bamboo Boxer Shorts is how amazingly soft and smooth they are. The weight and look is similar to high quality ring spun cotton, but the feel is sooo silky smooth that you won’t want to take them off! We’re sure Chill Boys Bamboo will rise to the honor of being your favorite pair in the drawer!

Cool As A Fresh Island Breeze
Bamboo fabric has unique cooling properties due to the natural fiber structure. You will immediately feel the difference and appreciate the ability of Chill Boys Bamboo boxers to keep you cool, dry and comfortable…It’s like free air conditioning from mother nature.

Fresh and Clean
Another amazing property of bamboo fabric is its natural ability to repel odors and allergens. Bet you thought you needed deodorant for that…The fibers used in this amazing fabric come straight outta the jungle and have developed a robust self defense system to withstand the harsh jungle environment…There may be days when you rival a harsh jungle environment, but we can assure you Chill Boys Bamboo Boxers are up for the challenge!

You can feel good about the fact that you’ll be wearing eco-friendly underwear. Bamboo is the poster child of renewable resources. It’s the fastest growing plant on the planet, and can grow up to three feet in just 24 hours! All this without the use of harmful chemicals or fertilizers! So by the time you are ready to buy your 2nd or 3rd pair of Chill Boys Bamboo Boxers, mother nature will be pumping out plenty of renewable soft, cool, clean bamboo fiber to keep us in stock!

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