Best Men's Gear for Winter Camping

Best Men's Gear for Winter Camping

Best Men's Gear for Winter Camping

Camping is perhaps the ultimate way to experience the great outdoors. It's just so satisfying to pitch a tent out in the woods, far away from all the light and noise of civilization, where you can spend a couple of nights breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the natural beauty. Most people like to camp in summer or fall, but there's something to be said for winter camping.

Seriously, if you and your buddies want a one-of-a-kind bonding experience, take a camping trip together when the air is cold, and there's snow on the ground. Winter camping will awaken your inner pioneer and make you feel tougher than ever as you rough it for a couple of nights. But don't make it too hard on yourself; for the best winter camping experience, make sure to pack the proper men's gear to help you brave the elements.

What to Wear for Winter Camping, Head to Toe

  • Warm Hat - You'd better keep that noggin warm while you're winter camping, or you'll be in for a literal brain freeze. Every man has his own favored style of hat. Maybe you go in for beanies, or perhaps you prefer a good fur-lined trapper hat. Depending on just how damn cold it is outside, you might even want to keep your hat on while you sleep. As long as it prevents your ears from getting frostbitten, you should be good!
  • Winter Coat & Gloves - Yeah, we know, a lot of you guys like to show off by wearing a light sweatshirt when there's snow on the ground. But seriously, if you're going camping in the winter, you're going to need a warm, sturdy winter coat to protect your torso. Men's winter coats come in many different styles, so you should be able to find something that works for you. And be sure to match that coat with a warm pair of insulated gloves! If your hands tend to get cold easily, you might even want to spend a little extra and get yourself some heated gloves.
  • Cozy Hoodie - Whether you heat your tent or you rely on a sleeping bag and a few blankets, it'll probably get a little too toasty for you to wear your winter coat overnight while you're camping; besides, it's just not that comfy. Under your coat, you should wear a super soft, stretchy, plush hoodie. This will keep you warm and cozy as you sleep, plus it'll add an extra layer of warmth while you're hanging out with the guys around the campfire. If you're down for three layers, try wearing a comfy t-shirt beneath your hoodie!
  • Long Johns - Regular boxers just won't cut it on a men's winter camping trip. Unless you want to freeze your ass off, you'd better cover it up with a pair of warm long johns. Premium bamboo long underwear will keep you warm whether you're sleeping, hiking, or enjoying a beer at the campfire. Depending on how many nights you'll be camping, maybe bring a second pair; your tent-mates will thank you.
  • Socks & Boots - Last but not least, don't neglect your feet! Your winter camping trip will end prematurely and very unpleasantly if your feet get frostbite. For starters, bring a few pairs of warm men's crew socks to protect your feet at all times. You don't want your feet getting covered in blisters or stinking up the campsite, so wear pairs that are odor-resistant and moisture-wicking. When you're out of the tent, you'll also want to wear a solid pair of winter boots to keep your feet in good shape as you trudge through the snow.

Stay Warm in Your Tent With Chill Boys

When you go on a camping trip in the dead of winter, only the finest men's clothing will keep you warm and cozy on the coldest nights. Connect with Chill Boys today if you're interested in purchasing men's underwear, socks, or more for your winter camping adventure!

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