10 Things You'll Need If You Get Lost in the Woods

10 Things You'll Need If You Get Lost in the Woods

Spending time in the great outdoors is probably the best way for you to relax, recharge and remove yourself from the stresses of daily life. Whether you love a good blood-pumping day hike or a weekend-long camping trip is more your speed, venturing far, far out into the wilderness is the ultimate means of literally getting away from it all. But there's one thing that might just ruin your grand woodland adventure: getting hopelessly lost.

Depending on your disposition, realizing that you're lost in the woods might send you into panic mode or it might tempt you to channel Bear Grylls. The good news is that, if you've brought the right gear with you, being lost in the woods for a few hours - maybe even a day or two - might not be so bad. Continue reading to learn some essential items you should have in your backpack when you trek off-trail, just in case.


What to Bring in Case You Get Lost in the Wilderness

  1. Boxer Briefs - After a few sweaty hours of clambering around off-trail, you're likely to start chafing pretty badly if you're wearing a standard pair of undies. To keep comfy as you find your way back to civilization, be sure to pack a couple pairs of cool, breathable boxer briefs. In fall or winter, consider bringing long johns, too.
  2. Compass - If you're so lost that a trail map is worthless, it's always good to rely on a compass as a backup. Make sure you've memorized your cardinal directions and you know what direction you need to be walking to return to civilization.
  3. First Aid Kit - Hopefully you aren't in the miserable position of being lost in the woods and injured but, as you scramble through the wilderness in search of a path to the exit, scrapes and bruises are likely to occur. Packing a first aid kit allows you to patch yourself up so you can keep on trekking.
  4. Flashlight - If you trip over a big rock in the dark and bust your knee, you're going to be stuck lying against a tree, hoping for a search party. In order to keep tabs on your surroundings at night, make sure you have a flashlight with well-charged batteries on your person.
  5. Food & Water - Most people's wilderness death nightmares involve bears, wolves or maybe even a murderous sasquatch. Realistically, dehydration and starvation are your biggest enemies. Keep them at bay by packing a nice big water bottle, ideally one that can filter water from creeks or ponds you find, and a hefty serving of trail mix and energy bars to munch on.
  6. Hiking Socks - Even just walking on mostly level ground will degrade your hiking socks over time. If you're hiking up the side of a mountain or across other rough terrain, your socks will quickly begin to tear and your feet will blister. To stay as comfortable as possible while you search for that trail, pack a few pairs of extra-comfy hiking socks.
  7. Knife - Bringing a nice sharp knife into the wilderness is always a good idea. You can cut tinder to start a fire, you can hack through foliage and, if you get attacked by a wild animal, a knife will serve you much better than that big stick you picked up.
  8. Matches & Lighter - If you get lost in the woods in late fall or winter, starting a fire might mean the difference between life and death. Bring both a box of matches (preferably, waterproof) and a butane lighter so that you can get a warm campfire going.
  9. Trail Map - Even if you've left the trail far behind, a trail map of the area where you're hiking or camping can help you use landmarks to find your way back. Don't rely on Google Maps, either; if you're really out in the boonies, you're not gonna get a signal. Go old fashioned, bring a paper map!
  10. Whistle - Getting lost really blows and if you've been walking for hours with no sign of a trail, your best option is to swallow your pride and really blow on your whistle! This will immediately signal park rangers or other hikers that you've gotten yourself in a bind, and they can come get you out.

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